RebornAlliance is a new community and it's objective is to launch and maintain a zombie apocalypse RP taking place in Washington DC.
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 What we want!

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PostSubject: What we want!   Wed Jul 08, 2015 3:09 pm

Alright, factions will go as listed.

National Guard
Russian Spetznaz

Weapons:All of the weapons coded in, and if possible the attachments but if not we can always spawn them for people.
Medical items: We have a supplies pack in the content, if you could make medkits with those props, and bandages.
Food items: We are going to need food items, they don't have to do anything but like canned beans and such, bottles of water especially. No food that could've rotted, and no soda's. By now they'd be unable to be drunk and eaten, oh and we definently need alcoholic drinks.
Clothing: We plan on having armor to be found, if you could make suits out of the National guard and a few of the urban spetznaz models in the content pack as well.

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What we want!
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